Utility token for ClickBeeBot

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Create a target of likes, tweets, retweets, mentions, comments and many more things both on twitter and Telegram.

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$BEES token

ClickBee Token ($BEES)

Contract address:
0x25261bd17a1ff9d992e03a4bfbcb312e74f4db80 CA copied!

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Ad Campaigns Created


Actions Performed


Earned By Our Users

Why should I buy?

The $BEES token holders will have voting power proportional to the amount of tokens they hold. This allows them to influence decisions about ClickBeeBot's development. Additionally, token holders will also benifit from the deflactionary mechanism that buys-back and burns $BEES using a portion of ClickBeeBot's revenue.

Rev share


Buy Tax: 5%
Sell Tax: 5%

$BEES tokenomics


Stage 1

  • Telegram Bot Built
  • Website Developed
  • Contracts Written
  • Presale Launch
  • Mass Marketing Phase 1

Stage 2

  • Marketing Campaign Phase 2
  • Onboard KOLs
  • Further Develop Bot
  • Community Competitions
  • CRM Recruitment

Stage 3

  • Token Launch on Dex
  • Community Competitions
  • Marketing Campaign Phase 3
  • Integrate Token in ClickBee Ecosystem
  • Buy Backs & Burns Begin
  • Airdrop Distribution
  • Recruitment for Role Expansion

Stage 4

  • Marketing Campaign Phase 4
  • Community Competitions
  • M&A - Scouting for Acquisition Targets
  • Further Recruitment
  • B2B Opportunities

* Future changes may occur

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