1. Summary

1.1. ClickBeeBot Introduction

Launched in April 2020, ClickBeeBot operates as a Telegram App that lets crypto users earn based on their social media activity — by tweeting, liking, commenting, or joining TG channels. With over 3.4 million users and over 15,000 successful ad campaigns, ClickBee is reshaping how crypto projects thrive on social media.

ClickBeeBot Functionality:

1.2. $BEES Utility

$BEES is set to play a pivotal role in rewarding users, encouraging engagement, and establishing a sustainable ecosystem.

  • Advertisers pay with BEES: Advertisers utilize $BEES tokens as a means of payment for advertising services on the platform.
  • Users earn BEES by completing tasks: Users engage in various activities such as tweeting, liking, commenting, and joining Telegram channels to earn $BEES tokens as rewards.
  • ClickBee Premium membership: BEES token holders will have access to ClickBee Premium membership, unlocking exclusive features and benefits within the platform, thereby incentivizing the holding of $BEES tokens.

2. Business Model

2.1. Advertising Tools

Advertisers pay for tangible results and exposure within the crypto community on Twitter and Telegram. ClickBeeBot serves as a self-serve advertising platform, allowing projects to get tweets, retweets, followers, views, likes, or comments on Twitter or Telegram from users in exchange for a crypto airdrop.

Advertisers play a crucial role in contributing to the success of the $BEES ecosystem.

2.2. Earn Crypto

Users can generate income by shilling projects on Twitter or by interacting with Telegram channels and groups. This dual-sided approach establishes a mutually beneficial advertising system where users earn the project's advertising spend directly rather than paying large multi-billion dollar companies for marketing.

2.3. Referral Program

The referral program encourages users to refer others, earning 20% of their friend's income from completing tasks and 5% if they create ad campaigns.

3. ClickBeeBot Revenue

3.1. Advertising Sales

ClickBee generates revenue primarily through advertising sales. Advertisers pay for user engagement on social media platforms such as Twitter and Telegram. The cost structure is based on a Cost-per-action (CPA) model, where advertisers pay ClickBee for each action taken by users, such as liking, commenting, or retweeting their content.

3.2. Cost of Goods Sold

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) represents expenses directly associated with revenue generation:

  • Paid to Clickers: A significant portion of advertising revenue, 50%, is sent to users who engage with advertisers' tasks. This compensation is typically distributed in the form of cryptocurrencies.
  • Paid to Influencers: ClickBee also pays 15% of the revenue to users who refer ClickBeeBot to their friends or followers - referrers earn 20% of the user's earnings from tasks and 5% if they spend on ads.

3.3. Gross Profit

After accounting for COGS, ClickBeeBot's gross profit margin typically stands at around 35%.

3.4. Operating Expenses

Operating expenses encompass various costs necessary for the day-to-day operations of ClickBeeBot:

  • Server Cost: ClickBee incurs expenses related to maintaining and running servers that support the app operations, including data storage, processing, and ensuring uptime.
  • Tools/Services/APIs: ClickBee uses various tools, services, and APIs for operations, such as analytics platforms, social media APIs, user GEO locators, and communication tools.
  • Team: Operating expenses also include expenditures related to maintaining a skilled and dedicated team. This team ensures the smooth functioning of ClickBeeBot, handling tasks such as development, customer support, and community management.
  • Marketing: ClickBee allocates resources towards marketing activities aimed at attracting new users, engaging existing users, and growing the advertiser base. This includes advertising campaigns, social media marketing, influencer partnerships, and cold outreach activities.

3.5. Non-Operating Income

Swap Tax Revenue: In addition to advertising sales, ClickBeeBot earns revenue through swap tax associated with transactions involving the $BEES token. Whenever users trade $BEES tokens, a small fee is levied, contributing to ClickBee's revenue stream.

3.6. Non-Operating Expenses

Non-operating expenses include costs that are not directly tied to ClickBeeBot's core operations:

  • New Feature Development Cost: ClickBee incurs expenses associated with the research, development, and implementation of new features within the platform. These expenses contribute to innovation and enhance the user experience but may not directly impact day-to-day operations.

4. Investor Benefits

4.1. Token Burn Mechanism

A unique deflationary mechanism involves using a portion of the profits generated from ClickBeeBot to buy back and burn $BEES. This intentional reduction in token supply aims to drive scarcity, potentially increasing the token's value over time.

4.2. Stable Revenue Streams

ClickBee's revenue model, which primarily relies on advertising sales, offers stable and predictable revenue streams. Advertisers pay for user engagement, ensuring a consistent source of income for the platform.

4.3. Growth Potential

As ClickBeeBot continues to expand its user base and attract more advertisers, there is considerable potential for revenue growth. With a growing ecosystem and increasing adoption of the $BEES token, investors stand to benefit from the platform's success.

5. Growth Opportunities

5.1. Affiliate Network

The robust affiliate network encourages continuous promotion, bringing in new users and advertisers. By incentivizing users to refer others to the platform, ClickBee can expand its user base and advertiser network rapidly. This network effect fosters organic growth and enhances the platform's reach, ultimately contributing to increased engagement and revenue.

5.2. Airdrop

ClickBee leverages a strategic airdrop mechanism to promote user acquisition and engagement. By distributing tokens to users for participating in various activities, such as shilling on Twitter or referring friends, ClickBee incentivizes user interaction and rewards loyalty. The airdrop model not only attracts new users but also encourages existing users to remain active on the platform, driving sustained growth and community development.

5.3. The Growth Loop

As the value of $BEES rises through deflationary mechanisms, more users are attracted to engage, creating a continuous growth cycle.

  • More Ads Lead to More Revenue: Increased advertising activities result in higher revenue.
  • More Revenue Leads to More Burns: A significant portion of the revenue is dedicated to buying back $BEES and burning them.
  • Price Increases: Reduced supply will lead to an increase in the price of $BEES.
  • More Exposure to ClickBeeBot: As the value of $BEES increases, more users are attracted to ClickBeeBot, contributing to its continuous growth.

Investors benefit from the deflationary mechanism that has the potential to increase the value of BEES over time.

6. Future Developments and Expansion

6.1 Expansion Plan

In our pursuit of continuous growth and market expansion, ClickBee is committed to exploring additional social platforms to broaden our advertisers' reach beyond the confines of Telegram and Twitter. By diversifying our advertising channels, we aim to tap into new audiences and unlock fresh opportunities for engagement and revenue generation.

6.2 Upcoming Features

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the ClickBee experience, we are excited to introduce a range of new features designed to empower advertisers and users alike.

  • GEO targeting tools for advertisers
  • ClickBee premium membership for BEES holders

7. Technical Details

7.1 $BEES Symbol and Contract Address

  • Symbol: $BEES
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Contract Address: 0x25261bd17a1ff9d992e03a4bfbcb312e74f4db80

7.2 Token Supply

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 $BEES

  • Public: 75%
  • CEX Listings: 10%
  • Marketing: 7%
  • Development: 5%
  • Airdrop: 3%

8. Token Allocation

8.1 Public (75%)

The majority of the tokens, comprising 75% of the total supply, is dedicated to the fairlaunch and liquidity pool.

8.2 CEX Listings (10%)

This portion of tokens is reserved for securing listings on renowned cryptocurrency exchanges. By obtaining listings on prominent exchanges, $BEES gains increased exposure and accessibility to a broader investor base, thereby enhancing its market liquidity and credibility.

8.3 Marketing (7%)

The marketing allocation is crucial for driving awareness, adoption, and engagement within the crypto community and beyond. These funds are strategically deployed across targeted advertising campaigns, influencer partnerships, community outreach initiatives, and other promotional activities aimed at maximizing the visibility and appeal of ClickBee and $BEES.

8.4 Development (5%)

These funds support continuous research, implementation of new features, optimization of existing functionalities, and maintenance of robust security protocols, thereby safeguarding ClickBee's competitive edge and user experience.

8.5 Airdrop (3%)

Reserved tokens are distributed as incentives or rewards to users, fostering community engagement and attracting new participants to the ClickBee ecosystem.

9. Conclusion

ClickBee provides stable revenue streams and potential for token value appreciation with a robust business model centered around advertising sales and a deflationary token mechanism. Investors stand to benefit from ClickBee's growth trajectory and the continuous expansion of its user base and advertiser network.

Looking ahead, ClickBee is poised for further development and expansion, with plans to explore new social platforms and introduce additional features. As ClickBee evolves, it aims to solidify its position as a key player in driving engagement and growth within the cryptocurrency community.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where every click propels us forward, and every engagement shapes the future of ClickBee Token (BEES).

"ClickBeeBot" is a super cool marketing tool where advertisers present their projects,
🤑and you can earn crypto by raiding or shilling on Twitter.